Friday, February 12, 2010

Migrating from Edublogs

Years ago, I began blogging. At that time, I favored Edublogs. I had a clear purpose then: To provide tips, tricks, resources, thoughts, and such about technology and education. I liked Edublogs because it was free; it still is, but now has seemingly non-sensical ads in the form of making some of the text of my articles into links to other websites that didn't have anything to do with the content of my articles.

I plan to bring several of the articles from that blog to this one. (Both blogs having the same name, which might or might not be a great idea... we'll see.)

In the last couple years, I have become a hard-core fan of Google and its tools. I even teach an online class called "All Things Google" through Fresno Pacific University. To briefly introduce/explain that course, I'll just say that I began developing that course by looking at the Google home page > more > even more. Then, from that page, I picked the Google tools that I felt had the most transformational potential for education. So far, it seems to be going well.

So, my re-entry into the blogosphere after an unintentional hiatus, might as well be with Blogger, rather than with Edublogs, given the disadvantage mentioned above. The downside of using Blogger, which kept me away years ago, is that at the top of each window is a link to other blogs.

I hope that I can be more consistent and continue contributing via this blog, and my other Blogger blog, "Stretching". This blog will be focused on education and technology, while Stretching will be where I blog about other areas of my life where I am learning, growing, and stretching (hence the name).

Teach 'Em How To Fish is (and was) named based on the idea of us wanting not just to feed our students for a day by giving them a "fish", but teaching them how to learn (how to "fish").

More later...

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