Thursday, July 2, 2015

Invite Guest Bloggers

To add value to your Platform, and to offer more to your PLN, one strategy is to invite someone else to write a blog article on your blog.

Most successful blogs have a regular pace - a schedule of how often they post an article. Since you will want to establish a regular schedule of blogging, this is also good for when you want to take a vacation.

Go to your blog's Settings and select "Basic". You will see a screen like this.

You'll notice several things from this.
1. You can change your blog's URL from here. See "Blog Address"?
2.  You can "Add authors" to your blog. This should feel a lot like shareing a Google Drive file with someone. Here, I am preparing to invite Barack Obama to write a blog post on my blog. All I have to do is click "Invite authors" now, and he will get an email inviting him!

Watch this space for some stimulating articles of domestic and global importance coming soon. That is, if this is actually his gmail address...and assuming he knows or cares who I am. 

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