Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Class Dojo at Home

As we go back to school, many teachers are setting up our Class Dojo rosters and behaviors.
A few weeks ago, I was sharing with someone how I used Class Dojo at home this summer.

Every teacher who is also a parent doesn't "really" get summers off.
As I have found myself saying a lot in the last couple years, "Parenting Ain't for Wimps!"

So, here are the behaviors that I used this summer. They are basically the things that we were needing to work on, and remind our sons about. We didn't use the negative ones hardly at all. I don't use the negative ones much in class, either, actually. Class Dojo is a great tool for ME to remember to accentuate the positive.

End Fun Time Well
Respectful Words
Pet Owner
Helping Others
Work Hard
On Task

"Contentment" allowed us to compliment them when they could have whined, but didn't.
"End Fun Time Well" is when they had to turn off the TV, Wii, iPad, etc. This one always takes work!
"Compromise" is when they want something, but we can't do exactly what they want, but are able to move from our original position...and they accept that.
"Respectful Words" is exactly that. Sometimes, we were just blown away at how polite, kind, etc. they spoke. This gave us a way to celebrate that.
"Pet owner" was important when trying to help our boys participate in, rather than undermine, ways that we were trying to train our dog. Or, when they put forth some extra effort taking care of the dog.
"Maturity" is always a battle, right? This allowed us to affirm it when we saw it.

I assume the rest are pretty obvious.

After a few weeks of using it, a spontaneous conversation about these behaviors produced some Bible references that connect directly to some of the behaviors. We didn't over-do it with the verses. It was just a neat connection that just happened one day.

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