Friday, July 17, 2015

Embed YouTube videos into Blogger

To embed something in your Blogger blog or Google Site, it is basically the same process. I'll explain how to embed a YouTube video here, and you can adapt this to embedding other things.

1. Click "Share"
1. Go to a YouTube video page, and click the "Share" button (which looks like a Greater Than symbol, and is near the "+Add To")

2. Click "Embed"
2. You will now see three options: Share, Embed, and Email. Share is selected by default, which shows you a simple URL. This will allow you to just allow someone to click and see the video on YouTube. This is not what you want. Click on the word "Embed", and you will see the embed code, which is HTML code.

3. Copy this HTML code to your clipboard.

3. Copy this HTML code to your clipboard.

Steps 1-3 may look a bit different, depending on the site you get your embed code from.

4. Now, in Blogger, begin a now blog post.

5. Click HTML
5. In the top-left area of the screen,
you'll see Compose and HTML. Click HTML.

6. You'll now see the way that blog post looks in raw HTML code. Since it's blank at this point, it will only look like this:

7. Paste the embed code you got from YouTube (Step 3, above) in that window somewhere. It will be easy to move it later, if you don't choose exactly the right place.

8. Click back to "Compose", and you should see your video will be.
        If you're using Google Sites instead of Blogger, you will see a rectangle where your video will be. You need to click "Save" to see the actual video.

9. I suggest adding a bit of text just before your video, to explain to your audience what they're about to see. This way, they will perhaps be persuaded to actually click on, and view, the video. Entice them to spend the time necessary to watch the whole thing, etc.

Below is what your blog article might look like, if you were introducing this YouTube video:

You may wonder how to embed things into Blogger. Here is a great video I found on YouTube that you might find useful.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Let's Go Diigo!

Why use Diigo?

Curate resources you find. If you're like me, especially when using Twitter, you may find it hard to keep all the resources that you're finding organized. I'm afraid I'll lose track of a dynamite resource. I can't exactly bookmark a tweet...the stream keeps flowing!

What is your favorite way to use Diigo?
There are several ways to set up your desktop, laptop, or mobile device to optimize your use of Diigo. Look at the list here, and see what looks good.

Here are a few suggestions from that link to get started. Please leave a comment regarding which you have tried, and which are your favorites.
Diigo Chrome Extension

And one more idea or reason to care...
Embed your own Diigo feed on your website
You can let your PLN know what resources you have put together. You don't have to tweet out each one, especially if you found them a while ago.

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