Saturday, October 10, 2015

Every Kid In A Park - print free passes using Chromebooks and Classroom

I teach 4th grade, and my students are given the opportunity to sign up to get a free one-year pass to all National Parks. We got pretty excited about this when we had a Park Ranger visit our classroom this week.

I had them do this using their Chromebooks, but we don't have a printer set up to receive those print jobs.
I thought "Hmmm...I should be able to do this with the help of Google Classroom."
It worked!

Students navigated through the website (steps #1-8),
then at step #9-12 below, created a PDF in their Google Drive.
Step #13-16 helps students choose a file from their Google Drive. That can be tricky for students that have only opened a Drive file directly from Classroom.

The following are the directions I used to guide the students through the process. I hope this is useful to you for this particular goal, or whenever you need to get a PDF created by a Chromebook to your teacher computer to be printed.


Add files to a Google Classroom Assignment to “TURN IN”
“Your Free Pass”

  1. Click the link in this Google Assignment.
  2. Click “GET YOUR PASS”
  3. Click “PLAY” where it says “Fourth graders”
  4. You’ll see “Start your adventure now”. Click the little box that says “Yes…”. Click “PLAY”
  5. In the “Dear Diary” section of this website, explore what you want to learn about the National Parks.
  6. When you see “GET YOUR PASS NOW”, click it.
  7. You’ll see “You did it! Claim your pass”. Enter your zip code. It is 93618.
  8. Click “GET MY PASS”

  1. Click the green button that says “Click this button to PRINT YOUR PASS”
  2. Destination...Save as PDF… Click “Change…”
  3. At the bottom of the next screen, click “Save to Google Drive”.
  4. Click the blue button at the top that says “Save”

  1. In Google Classroom, open the “Your Free Pass” assignment
  2. On the Assignment, click “Add” (it has a little triangle next to it)
  3. Choose Google Drive
  4. Click the PDF that says “Your Free Pass”
  5. Click the blue button at the bottom that says “Add”
  6. You have now attached this file to the assignment, and it’s ready to Turn In.
  7. Click “TURN IN”

  1. Your teacher will print this for you. Take this paper to a National Park, and you will get in FREE for a year!

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