Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sync Chrome Between Devices

Sick of emailing websites to yourself from your iPhone/iPad or Android device to your computer?

Just use the Chrome browser, and your tabs will Sync!
You'll have to set it up on your mobile device, and you need to know where to go on your computer's version of Chrome to find those tabs, but this page explains it all:

Here is how to get your iPhone and your laptop to play nice with each other:

  • On Chrome for iOS
    1. Touch Chrome Menu > Settings > your email address > Advanced.
    2. Slide the "Sync Everything" switch to On. If you don't want to sync everything, slide the switch to OFF and choose the data you want to sync, specifically "Open Tabs". Note: To disable tab syncing, slide the "Open Tabs" switch to Off.
Access Open Tabs on other devices
  1. Go to the Chrome menu Chrome menu .
  2. Click Recent Tabs.
  3. Click the tab you want to open from a device listed.

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