Sunday, November 10, 2019

iPad & iPhone Guided Access

Many parents and teachers know the frustration and challenge of getting a student to
1. Stay on the app they've been given permission to use, or
2. Stop using the iPad after the agreed-upon time.

I know this scenario well. At my house, it is difficult to get my boys to stop playing Minecraft, or some other game, and give the iPad back when our kitchen timer goes off.

There is a solution! And it's part of the iPad's operating system already ... no new app to buy!

It's called "Guided Access".

There are many customization options, but here's the way I use it:

1. Go to the app I want to allow my son to use.
2. Triple-click the home button.
3. Hand it over, knowing that it is impossible to use any other app without my passcode.
4. When the amount of time I have chosen expires, my passcode is necessary to do anything.

To use this the first time, I had to go to

  1. Settings, then 
  2. General, then 
  3. Accessibility, then 
  4. Guided Access
Sometimes, it doesn't matter to us whether there's a time limit. Just knowing that they aren't getting into anything they haven't been given permission to use is very helpful.
Most of the time, though, a time limit is the main issue.

I hope this is helpful to you 

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