Monday, November 11, 2019

My namesakes

Just in case there is any confusion...

I am NOT this Edward Warkentin, the Canadian Lawyer. I was certainly not born on November 1, 1949 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He might or might not be the same as this Edward Warkentin.
I'm much younger than that. It sure feels good to talk about how young I am, since I've been having to talk about how old I am, with regard to vision, hearing, running endurance, and such. However, being younger than a 70-year-old isn't saying a lot, I suppose.

I'm also much younger than this Edward Warkentin, who is, in fact, dead!

I am also NOT this Edward  L  Warkentin, who lives in Winnepeg, Manitoba. My phone number is not 204-669-4041.

This Edward Warkentin and this Edward Warkentin can't be found, and I'm not him, either.

Sadly, I make far less than this Edward Warkentin, who may or may not be the same as this Edward Warkentin.

I AM one of these Edward Warkentins on Linked In, though. This one, in fact.

I AM one of these Edward Warkentins on peoplefinders, as well. But no one calls me "Eba"!

If this post seems a little weird...or a lot me directly, and I'd be glad to tell you why. It's kind of interesting.

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